201210 FI.NAL.LY December, the Daniel's season, has come... ♥ HAPPY DANIEL DAY ♥

KONNECT's Official Naver Post

FI.NAL.LY December, the Daniel's season, has come... ♥ HAPPY DANIEL DAY ♥



KONNECT Naver Post followers!

It’s our first time to say hello here!


스티커 이미지


Many of you must have waited for our post!

So we’re here to give you small happiness and joy 

with various contents of Kang Daniel that will be released from today onwards.




Here is the Naver Post opening celebration!

What is the long-awaited first post?!

(You guys have no idea... how long we have waited for this day...!)

스티커 이미지

(Jingle bells)

스티커 이미지

(Drum rolls)

When you’re reminded of warm roasted sweet potato

and hot bungeoppang, 


that means Daniel’s season is approaching.

That’s right. It’s exactly the day you think of!!!

It is that day!!!!!






December 10th

Today is the most important day in December!

To celebrate Daniel’s birthday, 

we’re going to empty out the contents of KONNECT’s harddrive.

We hope you enjoy

this trip down memory lane with Daniel.


Let’s just get started :)


The day we all had waited for long.

The day of ‘CYAN’ Comeback Show!

Can’t believe it was 10 months ago.. It felt like just a few days ago though...


Because of the long hours of recording, Daniel was playing cards in the waiting room!!

He suddenly sat down. Seems like he was reading someone’s fortune?



┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊ ┊.⋆˚

┊         ┊       ┊   ┊    ┊        ┊ ˚✧

┊         ┊       ┊   ┊   ˚➶ 。˚   ☁              Knock knock knock 

┊         ┊       ┊    ☁                                I’m here after hearing the rumours.

┊         ┊       ☪.                                      Masternim~      

┊         ✱      ⋆˚                                        Dear followers, please come to have your 

┊         ★   ✧                                 new year’s fortune told too  ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧

✧ ⋆    . ┊ .  ✱˚                

The selfie Daniel had taken

On that day, Daniel looked so perfect like G.O.D in every angle.


Do you want to hear

the story of that unforgettable day?

Source: Kang Daniel (daniel.k.here) instagram


We can't forget that day.

Between the clouds and the sky, the tree, the grass, that day
We heard a 'thump' sound somewhere in a quiet atmosphere 

We were so surprised that we looked around for that sound 

In fact, -ˋˏ it was so blinding ˎˊ-  that we couldn't see it properly.

(aigo, so dazzling (☆▽☆))

AH!! I think I caught a glimpse of the yellow color.

One thing was for sure

It was an angel who had fallen from heaven.

source: google


Kang Daniel, didn't it hurt when you fell from the sky?


We found it!

The moving statue that we've only heard of before


We've made a lot of development to the end of this 21st century.

The statue can even walk now

스티커 이미지

uh..... a..........


This is the set of WAVES music video


An intense yet soft eyes.gaze

like Kang Daepyonim moment




              (   (>  OUR ! 

   /  \ 



            <)   )>  CEO ! 

 /  \ 



          <)   )╯ HIS ! 

 /  \ 



              (   (>  FACE ! 

   /  \ 



           <)   )>  IS A WEALTH ! 

/  \






Is there anyone who can heal the wound?




Nose Bridge




Jaw Line


He’s a strong self-assertive type of person

Daniel's side line is cutting ourselves  ಥ_ಥ

(I'm sure there are more than a couple of people who got hurted?)


Found deep in our harddrive,
the unreleased selfie
We learned that good stuff should be appreciated together :) 

(Can’t keep watching by ourselves!)


│   We love selfies  │ 




We can say this proudly! confidently! 

The master of pictorial, Kang Daniel

Just like the title,
Daniel pulls off
various pictorials in 2020 perfectly

Source : @star1, COSMOPOLITAN, ARENA (from left to right)


Daniel in pictorials is COOLNESS OVERLOAD



Daniel outside the pictorial is the jokester king
His mischief level is 1210 times more
The unpredictable charms of Daniel



No, how many stairs are there?

Hah! Indeed, the length of his legs are two----------me----------tres

That relaxed expression is the point!


Daniel, no matter how you look into the mirror, you won’t be able to see anything..



Because there is no second Daniel

스티커 이미지


Totally took charge of the difficult Jabchae recipe!

★ Cooking Genius Kang Daniel ★


The individual photographed above

is not just a cooking genius, but also a “language genius.”




Korean, Puppy Language, Kitty Language, Cutie Language, and Lovely Language

So smart to be speaking 5 different languages

스티커 이미지


Comeback Countdown Live


for release of his second Mini album MAGENTA


He does so well by himself!

MC Daniel managed to run the show without any mistake!!

He is indeed a professional. Kang Pro


On October 3,

Daniel recited a poem in his soft voice.


On his solo debut anniversary

Daniel met Danity!

스티커 이미지


We’re afraid, but

we just have one last batch of photos left.


스티커 이미지


※Quick Confession※


Dear Naver Post followers...

Our feelings are mutual about this ;)
flashing eyebrows

A JPG to put up in place of a photo that we would like to upload, but cannot leak outside of a close circle.

Source: Google

Exclusive Content

Only for Official 1st Danity Members♥!! 



Don’t you think it’s a shame that many amazing photos remain undisclosed?

ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ : Yessssss~!!!!!!


In celebration of Daniel’s birthday,

We at Konnect!

at our own risk!!!

will leak some of the photos!!!!!


스티커 이미지

(We’ve made up our minds

Don’t try to stop us...!!!)



We learned that photos that are cute, handsome, and good

should be shared with everyone in the world.


Of many photos released under OFF THE DANIEL until now,

The BEST 5 photos in terms of Danity’s HOT reaction!


Excessive compliments give us strength!!

스티커 이미지


On December 10,

once again,

we celebrate Kang Daniel’s birthday.


Time to revisit our memories together from 2020 

in celebration of Kang Daniel’s birthday!!

How did you all like it??


This is it for

KONNECT’s very first post

on behind the scenes of Daniel’s birthday!


스티커 이미지


As the weather gets colder,

please stay healthy both mentally and physically,

and think one more time about Daniel

who’s celebrating his birthday today.
We sincerely hope every reader of this post 

to have a happy day today. 


Thank you.

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